A Little About Us

After decades of industrial manufacturing experience, we took the “expect the unexpected” of unplanned shutdown as our personal challenge. Our predictive, connected devices drastically reduce unexpected downtime and increase production efficiency.
At IoT Diagnostics™, we’re “solving the unexpected” for our customers’ most critical industrial applications. We’re putting plant personnel in control of their daily operations with simple IIoT device integration.
IoT Diagnostics™ is Connecting Prediction to Production.

IoT Integration

Your Industrial IoT Integration Source

With the rapid acceptance and demand for IoT solutions to reduce unplanned downtime,
it shocked us that there wasn’t a source to provide direction and integration for end-users.
Good news, we are here to streamline your road to capitalizing on IoT’s advantages right now.

Experience Our Industrial IoT Integration Process:

1. Application Design & Hardware Sourcing

Starting with a discovery call, our team will gather all of the necessary information regarding your application to put together a statement of work.  This statement of work will define all necessary hardware, software, and time needed for a successful IoT deployment. Information and criteria for a typical application will include:

Quantity of Sensor Points

Analog Sensor Type (0-10V, 4-20mA)

Digital Sensor Type (0-5V, 0-12V, 0-24V)

Bus Type Sensor (Modbus, IO-Link, RS485, J1939)

Communication Protocol (OPC-UA, Modbus/TCP, Ethernet/IP)

Minimum Sampling Rate

PLC Brand (Siemens, IDEC, A/B)

Available Networking (Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Cellular, LoRa

Deployment Type (Cloud-Based, On-Premise)

IP Rating


2. Device Configuration & Management

After installation, our team will configure and scale all devices, sensors and work directly with your IT department to get them online. Want to make sure the right data goes to the right users? We will manage that as well.

3. Data Experience & Alert Center

Receive a custom data experience to access all device & machine health analytics, trending, reporting, and email alerts.  Have existing IoT solutions with separate dashboard experiences? We can aggregate other device data into one experience.

Tell Us About Your Application

Been wanting to implement an IoT strategy but haven’t had luck in finding a resource? Experiencing recurring failures resulting in unnecessary downtime and can’t figure out why? Have an older machine that can’t be replaced but want the self-diagnostic features of a new one? Look no further, we are here to help.

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