A Little About Us

After decades of industrial manufacturing experience, we took the “expect the unexpected” of unplanned shutdown as our personal challenge. Our predictive, connected devices drastically reduce unexpected downtime and increase production efficiency.
At IoT Diagnostics™, we’re “solving the unexpected” for our customers’ most critical industrial applications. We’re putting plant personnel in control of their daily operations with simple IIoT device integration.
IoT Diagnostics™ is Connecting Prediction to Production.

First Aid Kits

Your Diagnostic Solution for Specific Applications.

IoT Diagnostics introduces NEW First Aid Kits to make common hydraulic and fluid power applications smarter. IoT’s First Aid Kits provide complete remote monitoring and predictive diagnostics for the essential pieces of your everyday production environment like power units and presses, and the fluid systems that drive peak performance.



The First Aid Kit includes the sensors, data collection and gateway hub, sensor configuration tool, and the IoT Data Experience to see real-time data, configure user groups, and set alarm thresholds for email notifications. You can now eliminate unplanned downtime AND eliminate your personal downtime of trying to setup complicated and piecemeal sensor systems. Help is on the way. Every box includes the correct sensors, integration manifolds, IoT gateway and personal dashboard experience.
Hydraulic Power Unit Kit

Providing real-time data on your power units’ system temperature, pressure, and flow.

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Fluid Health Kit 1

Providing real-time data on your fluid’s viscosity, density, temperature, and

dielectric constant.

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Fluid Health Kit 2

Providing real-time data on your fluid’s contamination with laser particle counting, water saturation, and temp.

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Fluid Health Kit 3

Providing more thorough fluid analysis by combining kits 1 + 2 with the option of adding a pump & motor group.

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Stay tuned, as many more First Aid Kits will be launching in 2020 including HPU Kits with level, filter, and power monitoring, Hydraulic Press Kits, Environmental and Facilities monitoring, and many others.  The factory of the future is possible today with smart, simple IoT powered by IoT Diagnostics.  Stay ahead of failure with machine First Aid at your fingertips.