A Little About Us

After decades of industrial manufacturing experience, we took the “expect the unexpected” of unplanned shutdown as our personal challenge. Our predictive, connected devices drastically reduce unexpected downtime and increase production efficiency.
At IoT Diagnostics™, we’re “solving the unexpected” for our customers’ most critical industrial applications. We’re putting plant personnel in control of their daily operations with simple IIoT device integration.
IoT Diagnostics™ is Connecting Prediction to Production.
Diagnostic Operation Center.
Monitoring Your Most Valuable Assets.
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P.O.C. Meet DOC.

Bolstering predictive maintenance practices require a clear understanding of trouble areas of operation. Unfortunately, Proof of Concepts (POCs) can be costly when considering the prices of today’s data acquisition devices, sensors, and network connectivity – the ROI is easily lost. The DOC is your on-call solution to begin gathering data on multiple fronts to help you ultimately determine project scale.

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Cost-Effective Data Acquisition and Remote Monitoring.

15 Flexible Sensor Inputs

Acquire machine and process data with 0-10V, 4-20V, and digital inputs.

Legacy Equipment to I4.0

Prolong the life of your oldest assets with data-driven failure mode prevention and improved PMs.

Real-Time Data Analysis

Gather instant performance diagnostics remotely, or on-premise to maximize production efficiency.

Wireless + Wired Connection

Overcome concerns of wireless network strength with on-board Ethernet connection.

Powerful Capabilities

Detect Today. Save Tomorrow.

Uncover critical operating data to reduce downtime and stay ahead of schedule.

Input Flexibility

Configure any combination of the 15 sensor inputs between digital and analog.

Smart HPUs

Convert legacy hydraulic power units to smart HPUs that can communicate diagnostic data to on-site maintenance technicians.

Automated Predictive Maintenance

Re-allocate the time used for routine PM checks with trusted notifications of failure trends.

Link Up to PLC

Already sending data to PLC but can’t get it out? Link up the DOC15 to your PLC and send data to the cloud for alerts, trending, and reporting.

Scalable Design

Connect/daisy-chain up to four DOC15’s for a total of 60 inputs.

The Power Of Simple Analytics

Prioritize Alerts

Whether you are in the shop, the office, or on the road, never miss a critical alert about your equipment.

Historical Trends Reporting

Spot trends over time to predict future failures and improve production uptime.

Report. Repair.

Streamline maintenance process with rapid communication to internal and third-party service providers.

Choose The Best Deal For The Best Experience.

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  • Non-Wi-Fi
    • * Features _______________
      • Current and Only Live Data of Pump Case Drain Temperature, Pressure, and Flow
      • Visual Alarm Levels/Alerts
      • Current and Only Live Overall Pump Efficiency

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  • Wi-Fi
    • * Features _______________
      • Current, Live and Historical Data of Pump Case Drain Temperature, Pressure, and Flow
      • Real Time Alerts – Push Notifications to Phone or Email
      • Individual Pump Efficiency Reports
      • Plant Wide Pump Ranked Efficiency Reports
      • Historical Pump Data for Efficiency Trending
      • Easy Scheduling of Predictive Maintenance for Inefficient Pumps
      • Request Service/Repair or Technical Support of Machinery from Web App

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