A Little About Us

After decades of industrial manufacturing experience, we took the “expect the unexpected” of unplanned shutdown as our personal challenge. Our predictive, connected devices drastically reduce unexpected downtime and increase production efficiency.
At IoT Diagnostics™, we’re “solving the unexpected” for our customers’ most critical industrial applications. We’re putting plant personnel in control of their daily operations with simple IIoT device integration.
IoT Diagnostics™ is Connecting Prediction to Production.
Manufacturing has moved on from unplanned downtime,
with our predictive maintenance solutions, focused in fluid power.

We Make Industrial IoT Easy As 1-2-3

1. Diagnostic Hardware

Our Smart Sensing Devices collect and transmit contextual machine health data.

2. Connectivity Software

Our Smart Setup Tool overcomes the complexities of connectivity and device configuration.

3. IoT Data Experience

Our IoT Data Experience provides near real-time remote monitoring for predictive analysis.

Protect The Heart of Your Hydraulics.
For a fraction of the cost of downtime.
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Start protecting the heart, blood and vitals of your hydraulic system now!