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After decades of industrial manufacturing experience, we took the “expect the unexpected” of unplanned shutdown as our personal challenge. Our predictive, connected devices drastically reduce unexpected downtime and increase production efficiency.
At IoT Diagnostics™, we’re “solving the unexpected” for our customers’ most critical industrial applications. We’re putting plant personnel in control of their daily operations with simple IIoT device integration.
IoT Diagnostics™ is Connecting Prediction to Production.
Manufacturing has moved on from unplanned downtime.
With our predictive maintenance solutions, we make smart manufacturing, simple.

IoT Device Integration for Your Critical Applications

Your Critical Components

Are they vital to your production? If yes, then it pays to know ahead of time when a failure could be right around the corner.

Our Industrial IoT Sensors

We compile the best mix of our proprietary sensors with cost-effective solutions to measure your vital outputs holistically, and for minimal cost.

+ Simple Data Dashboards

Our dashboards provide quantitative snapshots of your operations.  No more guess work.  Say goodbye to stressful reacting.  Welcome to smart manufacturing.

IoT Diagnostics Equipped

You are now equipped with IoT Diagnostics.  Get back in control of daily operations with simple IIoT device integration.

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What Is The Internet Of Things?

Protect Your Hydraulics.
For a fraction of the cost of downtime.
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Using Simple Data To Help, Not Overwhelm Your Operations

Prioritized Alerts

Whether you are in the shop, the office, or on the road, never miss a critical alert about your equipment.

Historical Trends Reporting

Spot trends over time to predict future failures and improve production uptime.

Report. Repair.

Streamline maintenance process with rapid communication to internal and third-party service providers.

Deploy And Enjoy With No Factory Overhaul Needed




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